Max Eli


Basic Information

  • Nationality : USA
  • Language Speak: English
  • Facebook : Click here

Areas of Expertise

  • Styling
  • Coloring
  • Highlighting

Professional Experience

Director of Max Eli Style Lounge

Owner of Colorwave Inspiring Hair Artists

Internation Colour Director of J BEVERLY HILLS

Personal Summary

A passionate and visionary hair colourist, Max Eli has served the professional beauty industry for more than 30 years. Having gained invaluable experience as a Stylist, Colourist, Salon Owner, Educator and Distributor, and Colour Developer has garnered him acclaim from stylists around the world. Max eLi's mantra and mandate of Inspiring Hair Artists has set him apart from his colleagues.

Max Eli has taught fro some of the industry's leading manufacturers and has been instrumental in the formulation of various Colour lines. Max Eli continues to fulfill his passion for colour, as the creator of the Colour Line and international Colour Director for J BEVERLY HILLS in this global position, Eli has mastered his years of experience and his innate ability to formulate a unique blend of colours and leading edge concepts that will assist hair artists in their quest for success in the world of colour.

Education courses & Hair Show

1. How color works

This is an indepth program that covers all the fundamentals of how to achieve successful formulations.

2. Mastering Grey coverage

This is a 1/2 day program that will better your undersatanding of the structure of grey hair and the complications that occur while trying to get successful coverage.

3. The are of Red

Master the are of creating the most beautiful durable reds and understanding why red hair is so tricky.

4. Beautiful Blondes

Learn how to control unwanted warmth and achieve the exact target level and tones.

5. Techniques classes

For more detail and service fee, please contact UBA Top Stylists representive.



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